Second-generation SPOT Features

New enhanced satellite antenna for improved performance in foliage or canopied environments and advanced GPS performance chipset

In a major technological breakthrough, SPOT now uses a dual-use antenna that doesn't compromise GPS performance.

GPS acquisition light

Dedicated LED light confirms when the unit is able to lock onto the GPS signal.

Message Sending indicator light

Visual confirmation indicates sending a message.

Dedicated Tracking button

Acquires GPS location every 10 minutes for 24 hours and sends each location one at a time.

New Custom Message button

Pre-program a custom message and send it to a designated list of contacts.

Illuminated buttons

Helpful at night and in low-visibility conditions. Each illuminated button indicates that the selected function is engaged and working.

Protective cover on S.O.S. and Help buttons

Prevents accidental activation and transmission of emergency messages.

Included case and neoprene fastening band

Soft case with Velcro covered neoprene band that can be mounted on the dash of a car, motorcycle, or attached to your backpack.