SPOT Functions

SPOT is designed for maximum reliability. Spot performs a self-diagnostic test each time it is powered on. Additionally, Spot strongly recommends that you send and verify an OK/Check message each time before use. This allows you to evaluate your entire messaging system, from the operational condition of the messenger to the readiness of those you've chosen to notify of your messages.

OK/Check In

Lets your contacts (up to 10 contacts via phone or e-mail) know where you are and that you're okay. SPOT unit attempts to send three messages to help ensure successful transmission and eliminating any duplicates, with contacts receiving only one message.

Track Progress

Allows contacts to track your progress in real-time using Google Maps. It acquires your GPS location every 10 minutes for 24 hours, and sends each location one time, along with your previous two track points, helping ensure consistent recording of movements.

Help/SPOT Assist

Notifies your contacts or SPOT Assist professional services of your GPS location and need for assistance every 5 minutes for 1 hour.

SOS/9-1-1 Alert

Notifies an emergency rescue coordination center of your GPS location every 5 minutes while your unit's batteries are available (1,350 transmissions on fresh batteries) or you cancel.

Custom Message

Sends a pre-programmed non-urgent message to your friends and family.

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